Helios Astra Canina 9 months

Helios Health

HD = A/A

ED = 0/0

Eye examination =clear

PRA = Free by birth

Baer = Normal

Full tooth and correct bite.

Embark test All Clear

PCR /DM= A/ clear

PLL= A/ clear

NCL=A/ clear

PRCD-PRA= A/ clear

RCD4 PRA= A/ clear



Helios Shows

24-11-18 juniorclass excellent,ck,cert,juniorcert, danish juniorcert,bh and bob.

24-11-18 show 2. junior class excellent,ck,cert,junior cert, danish juniorcert,bh and bos. big ring BIS 2 junior and BIS BOS

26-1-2019 juniorclass good

26-1-2019 junior class excellent

19-3-2019 Junior class excellent

19-3-2019 junior class excellent

 1-6-2019 Sweden junior class excellent 1v